Halloween Bash @ The Ohio RC Factory.

Date: 10/25/2014
Event: The Nitro Halloween Bash
Location: Jeffersonville, Oh
Venue: The Ohio RC Factory
Vehicles: NT48/NB48

Total Entries: 45±

NB48: 6th A Main
Entries: 20±

Nt48:2nd A Main
Entries: 4


The 2nd annual Nitro Halloween race took place this past weekend. I was able to TQ the first 2 rounds of truggy, but gave up the overall TQ in the 3rd round. Buggy Qualifying was rough. After the resort I was able to get a better run and qualified 6th overall. In Truggy I finished were I started in 2nd ( Had fast lap of the race/day which is some thing I guess :) ) . In buggy I could have ended up top 4 or 5, but had really slow pit stops (40 second + pit stops on a 22 second a lap layout.)  I actually strongly considered not even running buggy because of a lack of a pit guy. I was able to get help from someone .. that had to turn Marshall at the same time. While they did their best they had a tough time getting me fueled up. So i would work my way up to 5th or so.. fall back down to 12th….. repeat.  In the end I had a really good handling car and still managed to pull off a 6th place finish. Overall it was a great event. My NT48 and NB48 are absolutely amazing. Thanks to The Ohio RC Factory for putting together this great event. Thank you to Tekno RC for the support. Thank you to Chris and Mark for the pit help.








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