Halloween Race @ LCRC

Date: 10/17/2014 – 10/18/2014
Event: Halloween Race
Location: Oakland Mills, PA
Venue: LCRC
Vehicles: NT48/NB48

Total Entries: 206

NB48: 11th A Main
Entries: 40±

Nt48:2nd A Main
Entries: 30±


This past weekend was the annual Halloween Race at LCRC. Me and a plethora or Tekno drivers converged at the event taking TQ’s in every class except nitro Buggy (where Mo Denton and his NB48 qualified 2nd). Qualifying didn’t go very well for me as I struggled with traffic and setup on the slick surface. In the end I qualified 9th overall in Nitr0 Truggy and 9th in the B-Main in Nitro Buggy. In the Nitro Buggy B-Main i finally got the setup better and was very happy with my car. The first few minutes of the 15 minute race was rough(Very rough driving from other drivers). I fell way back in 12th place and couldn’t even see 11th on the track. Confident in my NB48 I remained calm and slowly picked through the field and worked my way up to 2nd place by lap 12. I would close the gap on 1st to about 8 seconds and stretch the gap between me and 3rd by about 14 seconds when it was all said and done securing a bump up spot to the Amain. Before the Amain I decided to take a chance on a different tire then what I had been using all day and in the end it didn’t work out at all. I spent the 25 minute main pulling over for others and just putting the time in to finish the race. In the end I finished 11th.

In the Nitro Truggy Amain i got off to a good start. Starting 9th on the grid i was able to move up to 4th on the first lap. By lap 4 i was able to move into the 2nd spot.  A great battle ensued with fellow Tekno Team Manager/Driver Sean Ramos, swapping places a few times during pit stops. At the end of the 25 minute Amain we finished within 1 second of each other, but I was able to secure the 2nd spot and Ramos finishing in 3rd. Overall Tekno Finished First, Second, Third and Fifth. A pretty awesome showing for Team Tekno.

I want to send out a huge thank you to the LCRC crew. They ran a great program. The layout was one of the best I have been on and the surface held together and stayed constant (though slick)  the whole weekend. I huge thank you to Joe Bornhorst and Brian Beckholt for the amazingly fast pit stops. Thank you Tekno RC for the support and thank you to the Tekno team that attended the race for making the weekend as fun as possible.







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