The Ohio State 1:8 Championships

Date: 07/18/2014 – 07/19/2014
Event: The Ohio State 1:8 Championships
Location: Jeffersonville, OH
Venue: The Ohio RC Factory
Vehicles: EB48/NB48

Entries: 30±

This will be short. I was having some strange handling problems with my car the entire day along with a ghost flame out issue. With the limited amount of classes offered at the race it was very hectic to run 2 classes(Race/marshal/race/marshal) It didn’t leave much time to work on my cars. I figured out the issue with the ghost flame out, ended up being the fuel tank. I didn’t get to the bottom of the handling issues though. With the hectic schedule and the poor performing car I decided to withdraw from Nitro Buggy and just focus on E-Buggy.

Entries: 25±

Ebuggy started out very well for me. The car handled flawlessly the entire day. Each qualifier I managed to get faster and faster eventually settling into 3rd overall. The start of the A-main was pretty smooth. There was a little contact here and there but nothing that would ruin anyone’s day. I managed to take the lead on lap 5 and would battle back and forth between 1st and 2nd for a while until i got tangled with lapped traffic putting me down to third. Tragedy struck around the 8minute mark when my motor decided that it had enough forcing me to retire from the race early.


All and all it was a great event. Hard rain the night before and a threat of rain for Saturday kept some people away but it was their loss as the track was absolutely amazing the entire day. Curt Schlichter worked very hard to make sure the track was ready and huge thanks to him for that. A huge thank you to Chris “RJ” Hurst for the pit stop help. Thanks to Tekno RC for their support.





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