Monsters of the Midwest Round 2 @ The Ohio RC Factory

Date: 06/14/2013
Event: Monsters of the Midwest Series Round 2
Location: Jeffersonville, OH
Venue: The Ohio RC Factory
Vehicles: EB48/NB48

Entries: 40±
Qualifying would go so-so for me. I had opportunities to put in clean runs but was unable to. In the end I qualified 3rd in the B-Main. In the 20 min B-Main I got out to a good start into second place. After a few laps I was able to take over the top spot and held for about half the race. Right around the half way point my tires started to go away(They only had about 70% tread left when I started but thought they could make the race.. I was wrong) making it very difficult to drive. I made to many mistakes (and ran out of fuel once..luckily right in front of pit lane.) and eventually Tekno Teammate Ramos Rc was able to catch up and get around me putting me out of the bump spot for the A-Main. Eventually I would go on to finish in the 3rd spot.

Entries: 50±
Qualifying would go about the same with the EB48, as it did with the NB48. I had the opportunity to make good clean runs but, would ultimately qualify 6th in the B-Main. The start of the race was a little chaotic but, not horrible coming across the line on the first lap in 7th place. Eventually I was able to chase down the field and take over first place. I felt that the second place was a little faster than me.. and because they were taking 2 to the A-Main I let him get in front of me. Instead of battling to win the B-Main we worked together and put a lap on the field. In the A-Main I started 12th on the grid. I had horrible start but was able to battle back and ultimately finish in the 5th position.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with my fellow Tekno teamates and RC racing buddies. The track was amazing, thank you Curt Schlichter for the all the hard work you put into it.

I appreciate all the compliments i received on how my buggies were handling, it’s great to see all the testing paying off.

A huge thank you to Dan Stucke and Josh-Bojo Bojanowski for the pit stops. A huge thank you Noah Lewis for marshaling for me when I had to run back to back. A huge thank you to Bryan Newman for helping me in pit lane when I was pitting for Sean.
















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