OEOSS Round 6 @ Sparks Park RC Racway and Club race at The Ohio RC Factory.

This past weekend I attended 2 races. The first race, on Saturday, was the last round of the OEOSS race held at Sparks Park RC Raceway. This was the first race on my new JQ The eCar. The days leading up to the even I had practiced with The eCar @ The Ohio RC Factory. I felt I was getting a good handle on the car and had a good setup on it going into the weekend. When I arrived at Sparks Park and put my car on the track it felt nothing like it did during my previous practice days. I had changed a few setup things the night before so I thought that might be the issue. I continued changing things trying to get the car better.. but it was very hard to drive. Although I was off the pace and was struggling with the car I managed to qualify 5th and finished 4th in the A Main.

The Next day I decided to go to The Ohio RC Factory for a club race. The car was behaving badly again (completely different then it had when I was practicing with the car earlier in the week). During practice I started to hear A bad crunching noise coming from the car. After going through the car I finally found the issue. The center diff was locked up solid! It was as if I had put a spool in the center diff. This explained the cars bad behavior the past few days. I feared the worse that I would open the diff to find it in a million pieces. Upon opening the diff up it looked to be in good shape. The diff just needed a few shims behind the sun gears. After putting the diff back together it felt smooth and good as new. During this time I missed the first 2 rounds or qualifying but managed to make it out for the 3rd round. The car was driving great again! I still needed some setup tweaks but was able to drive the car with confidence. I managed to qualify 4th in the A-Main. In the A-Main i finished were I started at 4th. I am really loving this car and know with a little more time and setup tweaks it will be amazing!

20131005_201020 20131006_202558

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